Monday, August 18, 2008

Nature Red in Tooth and Handlebar

Today was an exceptional day for observing the local shopping carts in their native habitat of My Neighborhood. I followed the herd throughout the afternoon and was able to capture these photographs at extremely close range. When I say that my scientific interest was aroused, it's a vast understatement! It was such a pleasure to wander the streets and see the carts over hill and dale, foraging for refuse and left relatively undisturbed despite our proximity to an urban center.

This is the stallion I call Dreamcloud. His pride is evident in his bearing as the Alpha male of the herd. His pelt is extremely glossy due to an abundance of Colt 45 in the area. I was able to creep quite close before he startled and galloped away, rattling down Rhodes Street.

I also observed this young male lurking at the edge of the herd. Clearly an outcast with lower status than the rest, he sought to challenge Dreamcloud's authority but sullenly shied away, the bottles he carried (among them Miller Lite, Snapple, and the ubiquitous Colt 45) clinking ominously. I shall call him Black Sheep.

Finally, I captured this mating couple with a telephoto lens as I lurked behind a tree. The female, on the left, is skittishly backing away, while the male attempts to woo her by spinning its wheels and using other tricks in its sexual arsenal. (Note how it is rearing up on its right flank in a display of power and aggression.) If we are lucky, these two will come to an agreement and we will see a new brood of tiny shopping carts come next spring!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pony!

Only YOU would walk around with a digital camera and discover an entire world, universe and cosmos that the rest of us don't hardly expect exists!
Love the Larchmont windows, and your shopping cart nature spread is to die for.
You simply MUST badger the former Ms. Jackson and get her to tell you...THE TALE OF THE TURTLE. Ohmigawd this is a "Pony story" if ever I heard one!

Old NH

Anonymous said...

Party Pony,
I don't know who you think you are but I found this blog very offensive. I manufacture shopping carts and your blog is demeaning to me and to them. You should feel lucky to have such lovely and useful items in your neighborhood. GC