Monday, September 8, 2008

Sals versus Fratellis: Pizza Cage Match

In our new locale of Mamaroneck, Sal's is reputed to be 'the bomb.' But we have to say that in our former New Ro locale, a little joint called Fratellis was actually superior. It's right there on Huguenot as one approaches the New Ro cityscape from the Northeast. Here are some essential differences:
1. Fratellis delivers to your door. Sals does not.
2. Fratellis features fresh shrooms. Sals are canned.
3. Fratellis: Less greasy. Sals: Leaves a greasy patina on the hands from the undercarriage of the pizza.
4. Pepperoni: In this regard, Sal's may triumph. Their pig circles may be crisper. But Fratelli's pig circles are undeniably tasty.
5. Overall flavor: Sals seems doughier and less spicy. Fratellis had that "I must eat it all NOW TONIGHT" flavor.
Overall, Sals is a very solid pizza worth some acclaim. But Fratellis deserves some props for its superior quality and taste-a-riffic-ness.

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Anonymous said...

this is dear husband, here. you forgot to mention the insane salt hangover the next morn after sal's. count on puffy bags under your eyes and the feeling that you pounded about 8 vodka martinis the night before. several nights later i drove all the way to fratelli's in blessed new ro. the owner shook my hand when i told him about the blog and how far we came for his pies. he gave us five bucks off for the praise and props. now that's a friggin' pizzaria! and this morning, i did not wake up with a salt hangover--a different hangover, for sure; but not induced by salt! viva fratelli's!