Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Words of Mein Second Son

Breakfast table conversation.

Second son: For Halloween, Daddy will be a pancake. And you will be a fork. And then you can fork Daddy!

Mommy: And what will you be for Halloween?

Second son: Fusilli pasta.

Mommy: And what about your brothers?

Second son: They will also be pancakes. And they will be forked!


Second son: When I keep running, I lose mein energy.

Mommy: Where does your energy go?

Second son: It goes right into the ground! Mein Harry O [invisible friend co-opted from older brother] told me that.


Second son: I am wearing these pants because they have growed right out of mein brother. They is mein pants now! They have growed smaller to fit me.

Mommy: How convenient!

Second son: Are you working on Daddy's pancake costume? Halloween is tomorrow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now, that little chap gets a prize! Who thinks like that??

Old NH