Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Casper Tells Me He Is Black

Eldest revered son and I were reading Todd Parr's "It's Okay to Be Different," a book about how being different is great, even if you have a funny nose and are fat and ungainly. On one page it reads "It's okay to be a different color." I asked Casper, "What color are you?" I expected him to recognize the truth. White as white on milk! Not yaller, not beige, but WHITE. Pigment-free! White as this glaring computer screen!

"I am BLACK," he said.

"You...are black?"

"I am black, black, black. I am a black boy."

"You don't look so black."

"I am black, my mommy!" he shouted.

I turned to Littlest son, aka Whitey: "What about you? Are you black, too?"

"No, mommy," he said, shaking his head. "You is da black one. I is chewing on mein Schtinky Teddy's foot." And he proceeded to do so with the intensity of an angry bulldog, with much gargling and maniacal laughter. (Schtinky Teddy is in danger of imminent nose loss, so we have turned Whitey on to the paw area.)

Casper concluded: "Black guys and I are twins." Race relations shall not be a problem!


Anonymous said...

It's moments like these from the mouths of babes that hint at previous lives..... we really should all be working on our Previous Life Experience Résumé.

And on another note, I guess white is the new black this season.

Thanks for sharing, Party Pony.

Anonymous said...

Hokey Schmokes! Poor Mein Schtinky Teddy! Nawthin' worse'n havin' yer paw chawed off by a maniacal wee nipper.
Perhaps Casper is one of Sinter Klas's helpers from Holland?
Maybe we're all crazee, and HE's the only one who gets it.