Monday, June 29, 2009

They Have Secrets

When I passed by the boys' room earlier, they jumped out at me.

Elder son: If you hear us talking about a QUILT, don't listen, OK?
Younger son: Because it's a supwise!
Elder son: You weren't spying on us talking about a quilt?
Me: No, no. I know nothing.
Elder son: You don't know nothing, OK? If you hear the word "quilt," you don't listen. Because you are NOT supposed to know that we are making a quilt.
Younger son: Because it's a big SUPWISE.
Elder son: So get out and don't come spying around!

[The door is shut rudely. Then a head pokes out again.]

Elder. Mommy-did-you-hear-me! You know nothing about a quilt!
Me: I never heard about a quilt! I don't know anything about a quilt!
Elder son: About a what?
Me: A quilt.
Elder son: Aha! You WERE listening to us. Get out!

[The door is shut, more firmly this time. I slink away.]

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Anonymous said...

It really is just a world of espionage, isn't it? We're all spooks, and spyin' is the only game in town.

Old NH