Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nuffink is Magic

9:15 pm

Second son (calls from bed): I have something special for you.

Me: What is it?

He pulls out a small, red jingle bell and places it in the palm of my hand.

Me: Thank you. Is it a magic bell?

Son: No. Nuffink is magic.

Me: Nothing at all?

Son: Nuffink! Magic is not real. And do you want to know why? (Whispers.) A balloon can't pop a fork. That's why!

Me: No, I guess a balloon can't pop a fork.

Son: And also, you can't pop a balloon with your brain, or your little finger. Neiver of these things will pop a balloon. I am telling you this.

Me: But a fork will pop a balloon! Eh?

Son: Mommy. Be serious now. Only one thing is magic.

Me: And what is that?

Son: People is magic.

Me: Thank you for the little bell.

Son: Aw, dude, it ain't yours. I am only loaning it to you!

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Anonymous said...

That boy is magic! Great little dialogue. I just love these little vignettes, which you paint with graceful strokes. Well done!