Sunday, May 25, 2008

One in the carriage and one on the way!

Apologies for the blog going dark for the last two weeks. A brand-new boy arrived on May 15 at 3:11 p.m. and has been suckling the berjeezus out of me ever since. He is a delightful boy, and we like him very much! Like his elder brother as an infant, he is clearly his father's child. (Middle son, Fang, is another matter altogether--he came out like a wizened, empurpled gnome and no one wanted to claim even a passing similarity at the time.)

I intend to tell the story of his birth in greater detail, but for now, I will share this small story. With visiting Granny in tow, we decided to get a spot of lunch at the Golden Rod restaurant on the Post Road in New Rochelle. We had been there previously while baby was still inside, and our waitress recognized us. The boys ordered their $3 pineapple juices, scallion pancakes, and veggie dumplings.

"Oh, their brother came out!" she said, noting the car seat with the sleeping infant inside.

"Yes, he did."

"Oh, and..." (here she hesitated, clearly at a loss)"...another one come out soon, yes?"

"There aren't any more in there, no."

"Your belly still BIG."

"It takes it a while to shrink down again," said my husband.

"Oh, she said, flustered. As if to cover for her embarrassing gaffe (which also demonstrated a rather thin understanding of biology), she leaned over the baby in his car seat.

"He sure is red!" she pronounced. "And he is white, too! But really red."

She gave my tummy a last parting glance as she went off to the kitchen.


Jack Silbert said...

Perhaps you've covered this in earlier posts, but, my, "The Golden Rod" sounds like the name of a porno.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Pony! Gee, this has been a swell foaling season, ain't it?
I well remember when the Golden Rod Birthing Center went into receivership and changed into a diner. Something about egregious misdiagnosis...
And you've somehow given birth to a Native American baby? Name him Red Cloud! Or Leatherstocking! Or Rain-in-the-Face!

Steals Ponies But Walks, NH