Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stuffed Animals With the Heads of Men

Always alert to iconic ponies, especially pink ponies, I spotted this display in the window of the ISE Cultural Foundation in SoHo, whose mission on their web site reads: "In the generation of globalization, cross-national and regional activities have been splendid in the field of arts." Do we think they are fulfilling said mission? I vote YES. This is entirely splendid. I spent many fond moments examining the creatures while keeping an eye out for the Tribeca Taco Truck.

(Can anyone identify the men depicted in the below photos?)

Bald, malevolent, dangling, pink. Everything one wants in a pony. But not everything one wants in a man's weiner, not really. Why did I even write that previous sentence? Hey, lookit the cute pony! He is mad.

So many things are happening here. Those penile projections are releasing weird globular goofballs into the air, while things with fur and heads are dropping from above. The furred things are scared. What will happen when they reach the bottom? Maybe a furred shark with the head of Mr. T will rise up and devour them? These activities have been splendid!
I got a close-up of this one. His voice through the glass was tiny, yet audible. He said, among other things that were unprintable: "Good Lord! Is that a first-generation iPhone?"


Anonymous said...

that is some freakish stuff-- the pony is by far the best-- a dichotomy of fun fur!

Anonymous said...

hey, don't know about you, but that's everything I want in a weiner, baby! LOL!