Sunday, April 24, 2011

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Thanks, Anita, for the Tag challenge, for I was sorely absent of blog material tonight!

1. I don't like to see a pile of trimmed toenails next to my bedside.

2. I once danced atop a fire truck, dressed as the character "Fire," to the tune of Low Rider.

3. I have a vast shoe collection bequeathed to me by my friend's mother, otherwise known as the Imelda Marcos of Rhode Island. I can't wear half of them because I can't walk in heels for more than a few tottering paces.

4. I can't throw a book into the garbage, no matter how awful it is. I have to put the book in a "go away" box and hope that some other person might one day enjoy its awfulness.

5. When I was little I hid a hot dog in the bookshelf behind a volume of Day of Infamy. I would check on it periodically to see its progress. It never changed.

6. One time I got in a furious argument with a coworker who used to insist that cut flowers were "mutilated genitalia" and also drank her own urine for cleansing purposes. She told me that she hated a certain piece of fiction because it had snakes that spoke and, as she said: "Snakes cannot talk! Stuff and nonsense!" We almost came to blows over the issue. I rose from my desk and shouted "Get out of my office!" My voice was reported to be heard on the next floor down.

7. My Dalmatian "Tammy" once escaped from our house in Michigan wearing a tutu. She ran out the driveway, past the new neighbors (mouths agape), and into the woods. She returned two days later very cross, and without the tutu.


Anita said...

ROFL! I knew I'd be laughing so hard it would hurt after reading yours!

#2~ toy fire truck, or real fire truck? That makes all the difference...

#5~ LOLOLOL!!!

#7~ You never know ... Tammy might've had a super secret two day stint with a circus before coming home. Were there any strange clowns spotted in your area?

Jenny Phresh said...

The fire truck was so real, Anita! I heard its sirens as I danced!

wosushi said...

#6 - Please, please, at some point, write a novel that contains this person as a character in your story.

(Found your blog via glad I did!)