Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In the Land of the Winkies

I can't possibly write a new blog post, for I am up to my nethers in a new work in progress. I am writing it like wildfire! I am very excited, and use many Capital Letters and screamers!!!!

While you are waiting, I shall send you back in time (with great alacrity! And some more exclamation points!) to a smattering of posts that may have escaped your attention, 'cause you may be newish here. This selection is all about motherhood in a land of boys. Want more? Just ask. Future hand-picked selections to come.

Don't Cry Silly, You're Not Dead Yet
"My children were in that lit house down the way, waiting for me. I could not, could not, could not face their eager little faces and their wild, full-tilt runs right into my legs as soon as I walked in the door (usually, the eldest places his head right at the level of the pubic bone and charges like a bull)..."

Throwing Food at the Moon 
""Da moon is hungry," he announced, and began tossing food up toward it. It rained down on our little picnic blanket. We joined in, tossing food at the moon in an effort to fatten it. Planes passed overhead and we threw food at them, too."

Three Conversations

Calling my Invisible Hermaphrodite on the Mermaid Phone
"He picked up the Ariel phone and dialed with a self-important air."


Sam Southworth said...

Ha! A-hahahahah-Ha! These are amongst the most treasured of all Party Pony blogs--thanks for a handy little collection of them all in one place. You should get a book contract on the strength of these alone. Better than many other slightly similar works such as Please Don't Eat the Daisies...this is more like Please Don't Eat the Peyote! But warm and tender also, with heart-melting maternal moments, as well as mayhem such as only you can conjure. Well done, Pony!!

Anita said...

Good girl for buckling down and writing. Thanks for the great fodder to tide us over until your next post. I'll try to hop on and read them sometime over the long weekend.

Have a nice holiday, my busy friend! :)

The Rake said...

What about the Highway/Parkway argument!?!?