Friday, April 29, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award: Now Tattooed on My First Born Son!

I didn't know WHAT to do with this shiny new award I just got from the delightful Cherie over at Ready. Write. Go. (Honored I am, indeed!)

At first I thought this might be some kind of master Ponzi scheme. If I give five people awards, and they give five people awards, and so on, and so on, we'll end up with really thick and lustrous hair, or maybe in prison! I wouldn't like prison. Unless I had really shiny, nice hair, which I could sell for contraband so that my fellow inmates could make knock-off Barbie dolls and sell them, to others who would then re-sell them to still other people...oh, I digress.

So I thought the best thing to do with this nice award was to display it to my neighbors, in case they forget to read my blog. So I took my kid to a tattoo artist and had this done. He was upset, but I was proud and pleased.

Relax, everyone, this is not really my kid! He doesn't even look like me, man. No, I never saw that kid, I swear. I got this photo off Flickr. He has only TWO teeth and I have lots. Where are you taking me?
Without further adieu, the rules of this blogger award are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me.
2. Share seven random facts about myself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.


1. I have never tattooed a child. I am Caucasian with a wee bit of Native American tossed in the pot, and that kid is not mine.
2. I was once painted green, and I have updated my profile photo to share that, in honor of my new green award! Green is my favorite color, too. Especially when featured on a Lilly Pulitzer outfit.
3. I lived in Athens, Greece for a year at age 13.
4. I can play guitar but...
5. My singing is frightful. (I'm working on it, though.)
6. I have a costume trunk in the attic that contains wig, fake animal noses, and all manner of marvelous tag sale finds.
7. In elementary school I decided I wanted to be called "Pony," hence the true origin of this blog's name.

And the award-ees! I'm betting that a couple of these peeps have this award already (I searched but could not find it), but if I am first to hand it over, GO ME! (By the way, I feel sort of shy and goofy giving this award. Shucks. I like these people!)

1. Anita Howard
2. Angela, aka The Starving Novelist
3. Bethany, aka Rookie Riter
4. Mary Frame, aka Marewolf
5. Holly VanDyne


cherie said...

Woot! Woot! You crack me up, Jenny! I'm laughing so hard I might break a bone here.

You are super cool. Athens at 13? I'm jealous. ANd there I was in a stinking dormitory at 13 while you were off gallivanting in Greece!

Sam Southworth said...

Yup, there's only ONE Pony! Nice work, and how delightful to hear of some recognition for your reliably funny and thoughtful work. Thank you for adding to the lives of all your friends, as well as all your readers. You rock, Jen!
Next you should write about your proclivity to write theme songs for things you see while driving.

Marewolf said...

OMG!! I got your comment e-mailed to me (I'm at work) and seriously just squee'd out loud (is there an acronym for that? SOL?) My poor cubicle mates!

Thank you so much! I have never won an award before for anything!
And I don't think I've ever used so many exclamation points in one sitting! ;)

Angela said...

Awww! I feel so special!! ;o) I suddenly have the urge to put on an old's bridesmaid dress, throw my hair up into a french twist, and say "They like me! They really like me!" (a la Sally Field).

Thank you for the bee-uu-tiful award, Jenny ;o)

Anita said...

See?? This is what happens when we all run in the same circles. You awarded all of the peeps that I planned to award on Monday. HA!

So guess what, all of yousies. I'm coming up with a new one so be ready on Monday for a spectacular AWARD with a whole new set of rules and regulations! LOL

Jenny, what can I say but that you CRACK ME UP all the time! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog that first lovely day and was blessed by your wittiness and eccentric outlook on life.

Each time I'm sitting at the computer busting a gut, hubbie will walk in, smirk at me, and say "is it grocery cart gal?" Yep. He knows. You're a household name around here.

Thank you for the award, and congrats yourself for winning it! Well deserved.

The Rake said...

What about male blogger friends? Like those of "Salt in Wound"? Or "The Drunken... " fame?

You are discriminating! Women!

Bethany C. said...

Wow. I'm even sure what to say. I went to the gym at lunch and came back! Let me take a minute while I collect my thoughts.

... ... ... ...

Okay, I'm ready. (Deep breath).

After much consideration, I gladly and humbly accept this award on behalf of all the poor, starving children around the world who will never know the pleasure of sinking their teeth into a warm, stawberry flavored pop tart, let alone internet access to enjoy the wonderment that is my hardly-view edmy blog. It's a shame.

Obviously I need to acknowledge Kate and William--apparently they had some big news of their own. Whatever.

And of course, a BIG thank you to Ms. Phresh. Your wit, humor and bizarre pony fetish keep me laughing on a daily basis.

Bethany C. said...

two quick points:

1. I really can type--just not on Fridays. Sorry for all the typos.

2. Tattooing children is my new weekend hobby. LOVE THAT PICTURE!

Holly VanDyne said...

Well, holy nugs Jenny! On a day when I'm doubting everything about my existence - I open my email and...


Versatile? Oh hell yeah - you'd better believe I am!
(Bye, bye self-doubt!) *waves*

On a serious note, THANK YOU so much Jenny - your blog rocks the casbah.

Jenny Phresh said...

I like this award showers happiness! Hurrah! Hurrah!
I soft of wish I could have give more, but now that I know about Anita's award...others shall prosper, too.
@The Rake, I am so sorry for discriminating. Not on purpose! If the boys wants the blog bling mebbe they will get it soon.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm glad you've been honored, as I have perused your site and it is quite VERSATILE! I received one of these awards, and then couldn't figure out how to bring the badge over to my I had to decline. I felt badly...So this blogger may have a versatile style of writing, but in the area of technology is not versatile whatsoever.

Jenny Phresh said...

journey to epiphany, you just grab the icon and drag, kicking and screaming, to your desktop! You've got to show it off. Thank you for your comments!

Angela said...

Bethany- don't worry about the typos- I'm INFAMOUS for them (check out my 's on the word "old"--WTH?).

Anita- I KNOW! I was just thinking, "Who am I going to pass the award to? Everyone I would've given it to have already gotten it!" lol

I forgot to say it in my other comment (though I think I've said it several times before), I love, love, love your blog, Jenny!! YOU are SO deserving of this award ;o)

cherie said...

I know you like green. Do you like fire, too? Do you?

I've got another one for you, my friend. For always making me crack a rib or two, or snort soda through my nose, which is very unwomanly but I forgive you anway.

Yes, come over to my blog to get your award, you little pony!

Jenny Phresh said...

What? WHAT? I am in awe! I will go there now...this is exciting!

Anonymous said...

*waves & dies laughing*

Oh my! Thanks for the laugh!

Sam Southworth said...

And for those of you who just know The Pony from her blog...she is six times as funny in person, while also being perfectly presentable when needs arise. If you have to be stuck in an elevator, or paddling a canoe all day, or drive from Fort Kent, Maine, to NYC in one long unholy pull, Jenny Phresh is the person you want! And her husband and chilluns is completely remarkable on they very own. In person Jenny makes funny little noises, hops rather oddly, snurfles while swimming like an otter sometimes, and is so wrapped up in her writing and thinking that she often upsets displays at the market, or almost falls into holes in the forest. Plus she can play guitar--including behind her head--and writes songs and cooks pumpkin seeds and...well, she's one of a kind!!