Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Buttered Blog & New Blog Awards!

 I’ve just been graced with another blog award from my pal Cherie, whose blog you should visit and gift with many wise and kind comments. She keeps a very chic and stylish blog, which she buffs and oils daily so that its pelt stays glossy. Thank you, Cherie!

This blog award appears to be in flames, so I was a little bit scared at first. But then I embraced it, and also doused it with a big hose. It doesn’t look quite as perky as it did before. But it’s much less menacing.
This award comes with one rule: Pay it forward. Wait for it! It's at the end of this entry.
Get out your fire extinguishers NOW, mofos!
I decided that I, too, could make some nice blog awards. And I could hand them out like unwanted fruitcakes at a bad holiday party! I cannot decide which award I shall start to foist upon my friends, who will quickly block me, spit on the ground when I pass, and write my name on tiny scraps of paper and toss them into a bewitched urn so that my goats' milk gets blighted and sour. Anyway, perhaps you'll vote?

Everything tastes good bathed in hot butter. Your blog tastes good, too. I want to dip my crawdaddy right into it! That sounded dirty but I didn't mean it that way. I like hot butter. It would taste good even on a brick, or maybe on a small turd.

Goll Damn, it has so many heads. And they are all staring at me! If you get this award, your blog has hooves, multiple eyes, and rocks the Kasbah six ways till Sunday. You are specialness incarnate.
I just don't know who to give this award to...eeny, meenie, miney, mo. No takers? Hey, if anyone wants this award, you can have it for free. No bribes this time. No secret $ envelope exchange, no PayPal. Just take it. Take it! Get it out of my sight, for it sickens me!
When I went to your blog expecting witty and erudite commentary, it unleashed four bacon slices into my waiting hands. I tried again, tapping at my screen, and then it fired the bacon out at my eyeballs. My eyeballs and mouth were instantly erased. This is not what I was expecting. However, I am still very fond of you and find you amusing.
And now the winners of the Blog on Fire Award. I picked them because they are rather fun and fiery, and are presumed to have fire extinguishers. Some of them are new(ish) to me but I am quickly growing fond of them all! I hope you enjoy their blogs and give them some followin' love.


Robin Weeks said...

Awww, thanks, Jenny! I luv the Blog on Fire award!

I also love the Hot Buttered Blog award, in case you needed help picking which of your creations to start passing on.... :)

Anita said...

Jenny, you nutty little slickster! I made some blog awards too, and am handing them out tomorrow, but of course they're not NEARLY as funny as YOURS! LOL

My side, my side, you're killing my side. LOL The bacon one! I want the bacon one!

Oh, and BTW, I left you a DM on twitter that you're getting a blog award from me tomorrow. So please stop by and bask in your glory! I promise, it won't give off smoke or torch your living room curtains. HEH.

Cole said...

Thanks for the award and for stopping by and checking out my blog, I appreciate the shout out! Come back again soon!

cherie said...

It's 10:30 pm, my time, and I'm eating buttered popcorn while watching the news (It's history in the making!). So. My vote goes to the Hot Buttered Blog award since I love butter, though it doesn't love me :(

I also love bacon, just not directed at my eyes. I only have one pair, ya know.

Jenny, I'd like to say you're HILARIOUS, but that would be an understatement. I cheer the day I stumbled on your blog (that was also history in the making! For me anyway.)

Thanks for the giggles! I love all the blog awards you came up with, btw. ;)

The Rake said...

Bacon bacon, I made it out of pig.


Bethany C. said...

I'm not sure, but I think there might be something wrong with you. Not that I don't like it--believe me, I do. I feel a strange kinship to you.

keep doing your thing, girl. it's working.

Kalen O'Donnell said...

Hey Jenny! I know I've run into you a couple times on QT and Anita's been raving about you as long as I've known her now, so good to finally find your lair! Looking forward to the hilarity to come!

Jenny Phresh said...

Hi everyone; thanks for all the comments! I think Hot Butter is in the lead.
Kalen, I am coming to visit you right away, so I can get to know your brand of oddity and mad hatter-like behavior.
Bethany, there is definitely something wrong with me. Let's exult in our kinship of wrongness.

Marewolf said...

I hope I'm not being too forward but...Will you please dip your crawdaddy into my blog?

I think you're one of my new favorite people, and not just because of your love of butter but because of your animosity towards bacon splatter in the eyes. I bake my bacon.


EEV said...

W00t! :D I loved the award. I'm from a fire Zodiacal Sign, and I love fire, so I guess I loved my award even more! :) Thanks! I'll pass the torch (I mean, the award) on.
P. S. Can I have the butter one too? In a second guess, it could hurt my dieting. Darn.

Perri said...

Thanks, Jenny! Those are some fun awards there. I love the Blog on Fire and the Hot Buttered Blog too!