Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Have ARCs. I'm Giving Them Away.

I have in my possession a vasty pile of ARCs that have come my way through various secret channels. Individuals have threatened me suggested that I should share the ARCs through a bloggy giveaway. And so I shall!

Here are the details.

You must answer a question related to one of the books I am giving away. For this giveaway, that question shall be: "If you were in the circus, what would your role be?" Post your silly, lyrical, or offensive reply in the comments. If there is an ARC title (listed below) that you desperately want, feel free to let me know.

I will package up all your replies and send them in a sack by eagle to Prague, where a wizened watchmaker I know from my days as an international spy/assasin will choose the winners and send them back to my via fast mail ship, sewn into the belly of a salted haddock. (Damn, that wasn't written right; ships don't fit inside haddocks! I meant to say "send them back, sewn into the belly of a salted haddock, via fast mail ship.")

One or more winners may be chosen. The exact number of winners is completely arbitrary and depend on how much postage I have at my disposal. If you win, I will contact you and you will send me your mailing address. Yes, you will! (Make sure I know how to contact you via your blog or an email address.)

If you spread the word via Tweets and such, you will get SUPER BONUS POINTS. Make sure to let me know so you can greedily claim your points.

You've gotta be a follower of "The Party Pony" blog to qualify. Otherwise, how are you going to know about future giveaways like this? There may be many such giveaways, because I have a black market flow of ARCs from my friends in the underworld. Just imagine your bookshelves: brimming, overflowing with treasures, toppling over and crushing your pet cats.

All of today's ARCs are YA/Middle Grade. Here is the list:

Circus Galacticus, By Deva Fagan (Pub date: November 14, 2011)

Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf, By Curtis Jobling (Pub date: September 20, 2011)

The Inquisitor's Apprentice, By Chris Moriarty (Pub date: 10/2011)

Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow, By Katy Towell (Pub date: August 23, 2011)

Wisdom's Kiss, By Catherine Gilbert Murdock (Pub date: 9/2011)

The Undrowned Child, By Michelle Lovric (Pub date: 8/2011)


cherie said...

Woohoo! I'm going to check out the titles and see which one I want. Will be back, O Mighty and Generous One of the Pony Underworld. Er...yeah.

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...


Anonymous said...

Oh the CIRCUS!

Clown? He** no, clowns are TERRIFYING.

Trapeze act? I'm really uncoordinated, and I'd have to shave my legs to wear the skimpy outfits.

Tight rope walker? HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right.

Lion tamer? I can't even control my freakin' cats.

Guess I'm stuck being the bearded lady. At least I won't have to pay for waxing anymore.

Angela V. Cook said...

Hello Ms. Phresh!

Hmm . . . what would I be . . . Well, I couldn't be anything that requires skimpy costumes (unless it was a circus of horrors), so I'm going to say I'd play the role of the bearded lady--it would give me an excuse to lay off the waxing.

p.s. just kidding about the facial waxing, though if genetics has it's way, my time can't be too far off

Angela V. Cook said...

Oops! Forgot to mention I tweeted the link ;o)

As for book preference, I don't really have one, but my nine-year-old son is into sharing books these days, so maybe something a little more MG than YA?

Thanks for the awesome opportunity, lady!

The Rake said...

Hello. My name Hann. I love Awesome Sinks!!!

If I were in circus I play the role of a Awesome Basin Sink in Granite! I come at Good Price!

Hann the Granite Basin (Awesome) flying thru air in Marble Awesome Trapeze! Yes, I win!

Circus Galacticus Please! I win so send to Hann at Awesome!Sinks!Dot!Awesome!Com!


Tweet Tweet And I Follow!

Andrew Leon said...

If I was in a circus, I would definitely be the ring leader. That way I could pull out all of my hair about how we were never breaking even and have to constantly convince my performers to stay with us despite never getting paid.
Tha show must go on!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I tweeted! And I'll do it again too! Maybe. MAYBE.

T.S. Welti said...

All those titles sound so interesting. I love the covers for Circus Galacticus and .

So, to answer your question, if I was in the circus...

I would work on the flying trapeeeeeze. Oh, to fly above the crowd with the greatest of eeeeeease. "Just look at that girl!" they'd say. And I'd twist and I'd twirl, 'round and 'round in a whirl. The wind in my hair, not a fear or a care.

Uh, did I seriously just write a poem about a flying trapeze? I guess I did.

Bethany C. said...

I was 5, my sister 7. We had just taken a bath and were brushing our hair while sitting on the counter top in the bathroom. My sister decided to slam the sliding medicine cabinet door while my finger was in it--prompting me to slip on the already wet counter and crack my chin on the sharp corner. I had to get like 5 stitches. Now, 30 years later, a tiny little whisker pops out of that scar at the most random times. Completely out of nowhere. One day, I'm as smooth as a baby's butt, the next there's a 9" dagger sticking out. (9" may be a big of a stretch, but my husband has distorted my measuring skills). Anyway, it seems obvious to me the only position I'm qualified for at the circus is the bearded lady.

I don't care which book you give me--so long as it's free.

Jenny Phresh said...

I really like all of you. This is going to be tough. I hope my friend in Prague is fair and just. Just remember: If you don't win this time you might win the next time! I have lots more.

Marewolf said...

Hmmm...I also have an errant hair in the chin area that emerged after I spawned two little devils (kids always ruin everything).

But so many people want to be the bearded lady, and y'all can have it!

Can I just be one of those creepy carnies that run the rides, leer at the poor innocent children, and look up the skirts of women on the ferris wheel?

I like creepy! Do you have any creepy arc's to give away? I prefer YA but will read anything.

I hope your friend in Prague knows that I am part Czech.


Anita said...

Aw, shuckins. I guess I'm too late since the mighty pony has posted her closing comments. SNiff.

I'll still share my circus wanna. I wanna be a hair on Bethany's chinny chin chin because I'll be forever safe and heartily fed with tasty corn dog crumbs.

And guess what? Just because I luv my pretty pony, I'm still tweeting this. The SHOW MUST GO ON. ;)

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, just in case, although I really just felt like talking about what part of the circus I'd like to be, but, just in case, I like the sound of The Inquisitor's Apprentice.

Justin Holley said...

There is no question...I wanna eat the fire! And then blow it back out--at the clowns! :)

I'd read an arc about them Skarry Children and some carousel of sorrow...cool.

Bethany C. said...

I hate to burst your bubble, Miss Anita, but I don't eat anything on a stick. Yeah...I said it. NOTHING ON A STICK!

Jenny Phresh said...

DECISIONS ARE IN. I had to put your names into a hat because it was impossible to decide based on your clever answers alone. I will contact you to let you know but just in case you're reading...three winners will be awarded two books each. They are:
Bethany C.
TS Welti
Justin Holley
The rest of you are still eligible to win the next round!

Bethany C. said...


Whoa, sorry...I had one of those days.

Thanks, Phresh!

cherie said...

I meant to come back here Pony, but too many things were happening in real life--yes, I have one of those--and I missed this. Will try not to be a dofus and miss the next one. Though as my luck has never ever let me win anything, not even a Bingo game with the oldies--how come toothless grannies always win?--I doubt my chances will improve the next round. Er, anyway, congrats to the winners. :)

*Why do schools have so many planned activities by the end of the school year? Seriously. It's one field trip after another.

**btw, I noticed you had a lot of bearded ladies. If I were in a circus, I'd totally be a clown. Face your fear and all that jazz, ya know.

Captcha word: noxicar
A noxious car? A nontoxic car? (shrugs)

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER week !

Anita said...

Congrats to the winners! Especially Bethany C, because that means I win too, vicariously and symbiotically. I'm a hair on her chin, after all. A corndog deprived hair, but a proud hair, nonetheless. Hee

Iluvebluehills said...

Congrats to the winners, maybe I'll remember the site next time before it's to late :)
Doesn't matter,
Oh ps: the corn dog jokes pretty funny, and Bethany don't take it to the heart......unless u want to haha LOL!