Friday, February 8, 2008

My iPhone Virtual Keyboard Sucketh

I got an iPhone for Christmas and I do simply love it--its sleekness, its clean and lovely icons, its ability to deliver web pages and such. But I must take exception with its awful little keyboard. Not only does it make typing difficult (poke-poke-poke with one finger has been the only way I can master even a simple message), but it has an infuriating spelling corrector like a friend with a hearing disability who tells bad jokes. If you don't check carefully or you make a typo, every space return can bring you nonsensical results.

This is particularly offensive with the shorthand I try to use to avoid typing on the wretched thing. So:

sux = six
enuf = emu
shld = shod
new ro = new to
flee = foe

A hypothetical intended sentence: "New Ro sucks. Enough already! We should flee."
The result: "New to six. Emu already. We shod foe."

Messages also become truncated because it takes so long to type them. Therefore, a simple message like "on train" could lead to all sorts of misunderstandings. No "XO"? No "love"?

Supposedly you can use your thumbs to type on this sorry excuse for a keyboard. It's like trying to dial a phone using a hotdog. Good luck! I continue to use my right forefinger in a vain, lame attempt to communicate.

But for receipt, nothing beats this phone.


Anonymous said...

No Pony should be stuck with such a keyboard! Great blog entry. Also, see Jamie Heineman's rant in Popular Mechanics this month on sucky technology, referenceing the "iPipewrench." Also, Mad Magazine has a happy couple talking about their preggers test, and then realizing that she's been peeing on their iPod shuffle and wondering why it didn't read out one way or t'other. A word to the wise!

Old NH

Jack Silbert said...

Irish donkey loch-ness wooden tugboat acme crutch!

PDStP said...

I agree...but...I got mine in October and somehow my fingers and thumbs have mystically morphed, allowing faster and more accurate typing. The spell corrector is annoying, but I think it will get better.