Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You smell dat smell?

Herewith, the most inane conversation I've yet heard between two children under age five. (This occurred while both were riding in a car on what was neither a highway nor a parkway, but a rural country road.)

Younger son: I smell sumfink. You smell dat smell?
Elder son: Dat is the highway dat you smell.
Younger son: No. I smell da parkway, not the highway!
Elder son: No, I am the one who smells the parkway. YOU smell the highway.
Younger son: No! YOU smell the highway. I smell da paaaahhhkway!
Elder son: No, I smell the parkway!
Younger son: I smell the parkway. You smell the highway!
Elder son: I smell the parkway! I always smell the parkway when we go on trips like this!
Younger son: No you do not. You do not smell the parkway. You smell the highway.
Elder son: YOU smell the highway!
Younger son: I am smelling the parkway right now, you!
Elder son: Oh, you give me a break right now!
Younger son: NO, YOU give me a break right now!
Elder son: I have had enough of this. Give me a break, all you people!


Anonymous said...

Oh, give it time! Inane is evergreen in our world.
Do you listen to a lot of Skynyrd on your trips?
Hooray for Elder and Younger, and their unseen but emergent new team member!

Old NH

Jack Silbert said...

Funny, I was gonna make a Skynyrd reference as well!

Anonymous said...

I think good ole Hillary might use some of this scintillating rhetoric while coaxing her super delegates to stick with her. I can hear her and Obama right now duking it out for the nomination.

Hillary - I got the beetter healthcare plan,
Obama - No, I do.
Hillary - No you don't and i've more experienced
Obama - Yes, but i'm cooler
Hillary - No ur not.
Obama - You give me a break right now.

Hey, it might actually work.