Saturday, April 19, 2008

Morning Songs

The Younger:

"I'm the greatest! I like trains!
I'm the greatest! I like dollars!
Many many many dollars.
Many many many dollars."

The Elder:

"Trains, trains, puffing along.
Chuffing along the track.
There may be some accidents, oh no!
Like crashing into other trains, oh no!
I like pasketti but I don't like poop.
I don't like poop when it's in my soup."

1 comment:

Jack Silbert said...

We like the word pictures that the Elder paints, and his compassion for America's rail travelers, and his whimsical rhyme that puts the "logical" in scatological. However, our record label had decided to sign the Younger, whose youth helps us with the all-important youth market, and he understands that simple repetition and celebration of consumer culture is the key to pop success.