Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Can See Your Uvula When You Scream Like That

Potential titles for my forthcoming book about raising three boys (please vote):

The Bucket of Badness and Rotten Soup
Oops! He Spat Up On Me!
Life in Penisland
Nuggets and Sludge
Crossin' Swords
Turtleheads and Potty Trees: A Diary of Expulsion
I Can See Your Uvula When You Scream Like That
"I Think About Butts," and Other Darndest Things Kids Say 356 Times in a Row in a Sing-Songy Voice at 6:36 a.m.
Bad Parenting Magazine's Worst Parenting Moments of 2008
Come Git The Brownies, and Quit Yer Whining
Winkie Party
Distinguish Yourself Out There! A Soccer Mom's Memoir
My Son Won't Cuddle Without Poking My Eye Out: A Self-Help Manual
Sharp Elbows, Knees Like Knives
Killing Me Softly With His Shriek
Angel in School, Devil at Home: The Secret Lives of Boys
Waking Up Soaked With Urine in America
Is It Morning Time Yet? The Long Road to the Empty Nest

On another note, The Pony apologizes for the lack of posts in these last few weeks. The blog will rise again, like an errant winkie! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Your fans are ALMOST sated by this posting! Blog it, Pony--our sanity is in your hands...
Bad Parenting Magazine actually shows MUCH promise to my eye. But shouting to your boy "Distinguish yourself out there!" is a priceless moment and a good title. "I think about butts" is a horrifying crie de couer...
But the winner has to be anything related to "Penisland." Yikes.
Old NH

X-Stina's X-Ploits said...

My favorite is actually the title of this blog!
We still on for tomorrow at Harbor Island? After lunch is good for me, let me know.

Helen said...

life in penisland! life in penisland!