Monday, October 27, 2008

I Explain Politics to my Children

Me: Boys, next Tuesday will be a very big election. We get to decide the President of the United States. The two candidates are Barack Obama and John McCain.

Elder son: Bwack Obamer?

Me: And John McCain.

Elder son: John McCain!

Younger son: I need some Bwack Obamers for my house that I is building. I go find dem in the living room!

Elder son: Did you say Bomb Iraqas? [he really said this]

Me: No, Barack Obama. Bomb Iraqas is John McCain.

Elder son: Mommy, is the President the one who runs the Halloween Parade?

Me: He runs the whole country. He is the leader of all the places we have driven--Cape Cod, Lake Placid, Maine. The whole big country of America.

Elder son: Oooh, that's big.

Younger son: I have 18 Bwack Obamers now. I git more!

Me: Do you think you would like to be President one day?

Elder son: I would have to be a lot bigger, Mommy!

[2 minutes pass]

Elder son: I don't like Bwack Obamer. I don't think that he should win.

Me: Why not? You don't know anything about him. You first need to listen to what he believes and his views, and then make a decision. You can go with me and vote.

Elder son: Yes, my teacher said I should do that.

Younger son: Bwack, Bwack, Bwack Obamer! Bwack, Bwack, Bwack Obamer! Bwack, Bwack, Bwack Obamer!

Me: Did you know that Barack Obama is black? Like Ty? [a friend of ours] Well, his mommy is white and his daddy is black so he is half and half.

Elder son: Oh! Well! If he is black then okay! I like him fine!

Democracy in action.


Anonymous said...

racist racist racist! and classist and obesist and sexist!

just trying to pre-empt those self-loathing larchmont-icists who claim that you are such (despite your not (purportedly) wanting to live there).

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Elder and Younger sons!
Sometimes I think those lads need their own little blog.

Old NH

Helen said...

amazing children of the future