Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sorry I Upset You, Jujyfruit Assbat

Almost two years ago I wrote a random post on this blog about a rotten little school where I went for a brief six months as a child. In it, I named the names of the foul bullies who were mean to me there, and even posted a link to a frightful photograph of one of them. I like to call a spade a spade, you see.

Someone found that post and apparently got upset, and recently flooded my comment box with spammy stuff. While I think all bullies deserve to be driven, naked and weeping, into the sea, I sure understand if they got hurty feelings. Gee, I'm sorry, guys. I will try to be nicer. I might even say a little prayer for you: "Dear Lord, please don't make those mean bullies fall into a ditch like I asked you about 25 years ago. Instead, bring them peace, as they frolic in fields of sweet lavender and money trees!"

So here's the post about beloved Berkshire Country Day School, with all the offending "real names" removed. I like their new names much, much better. Here's to you, Jujyfruit Assbat!

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