Monday, June 20, 2011

ARC of Ally Condie's CROSSED, Plus 5 More to Give Away!

I have fresh ARCs! I have acquired them through stealth and at great peril to life and limb. Despite the fact that I carried them over snowy mountain passes, past slavering wolfhounds, etc., I am giving them all away. Why? Because I did a bad, bad thing in a former life (when I was but a lowly beetle) and I am still trying to fix my karma. Your reading pleasure may prevent me from returning to my next life once again in the form of a beetle. My name is still bandied about in the beetle kingdom with much bad talk, and I am not keen to return.

Post a comment here if you want these titles (and feel free to mention a title that you particularly want). Make sure to include your Twitter handle or another way to contact you. I will randomly select one or two winners, and will send the books out. It's that easy!

You've got to be a follower of The Party Pony blog to qualify. Those who Tweet and share the word will get Super Bonus Points, and their names will be put in the random drawing more than once; other bribes are not accepted (even dirty martinis sent by parcel post). Make sure to alert me @feralpony so you can claim your bonus points, you greedy, greedy thing.

If you amuse me in the comments, your name may be placed in the Random Name Kitty 3x, or even 4x! Your odds will be better to win this book derby than that horsie with the wings!

Winners will be selected sometime on Wednesday morning (6/22) after the sun rises. Good luck! Fare thee well, my friends!

(P.S. If you win, it's nice to blog about the books you read and share the love!)

By Ally Condie (Nov 2011)

By Stasia Ward Kehoe (Oct 2011)

Fox & Phoenix
By Beth Bernobich (Oct 2011)

The Space Between
By Brenna Yovanoff (Nov 2011)

The Future of Us
By Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler (Nov 2011)

By Marie Lu (Nov 2011)


Marewolf said...


Wait, that's probably not the best way to go about this, huh??

I will take anything, they all look amazing.

I read "Matched" and really liked it. Also, I have "Legend" on my list of things to read. So either one of those would be awesomesauce.

P.S. I just retweeted right before I came here, but I did it on my telephono estupido (new term for smart phone) and it doesn't do an @ thingy. I don't think.

Anyways! Love you, goat pants mania. :)

Riley Redgate said...

Oh man, I'd KILL for Legend, but as a proud owner of Matched, it'd be awesome to read Crossed, too! I'll tweet you all day long to get fancy bonus points. =] Look for my @ sign.

Marybk said...

I will arm wrestle Marewolf AKA Marewulf for CROSSED!!

I also think all the other titles look fantastic as well. Love the cover to THE SPACE BETWEEN.

Thanks for the give-away. I'm glad you were a beetle in your former life.

cherie said...

Ok, here's take two: (I feel deja vu-ish)

I want all of them but I'm going to behave and only ask for one. Okay, maybe two. :D

I tweeted this and bribed you at the same time. Apparently, my eyes skipped over the "bribes not accepted" line (my eyes are in denial, plus they like to "fly open", "follow his gaze then return to his face", and my favorite "my eyes rove over the sight of rolling hills before me").

I see I have competition for CROSSED. (I'm watching you Mare, Riley, and Mary) I would also love to win THE SPACE BETWEEN, even though I have no idea what it is and am only picking it because of its lovely cover (and don't tell me to click on the link--I'm feeling lazy right now, especially as I have to type this again.)

Based on my rotten luck at winning things, I will gladly accept whatever you wish to throw my way. Hence, I'll be doing much tweeting. Are you sure you absolutely won't consider my bacon offering? It'll make your breath mega-desirable to your man.

*crossing fingers now that this comment sticks* (Minion, hand me the glue gun, just in case.)

Holy Lucy batman! said...

I want CROSSED!!!!!! my twitter is @llmgillicutie I tweeter about it!!!

brittkneesaur said...

Oh the things I would do to win Crossed... Or Legend *whistles*
Twitta name : brittkneenerd
If i do win review(s) will be posted at

thanks for the contest :D

Mindy McGinnis said...

Oh man... put me down for FUTURE OF US b/c it's got Mr. Asher and Carolyn Mackler, who I really feel is just about the pinnacle of unsung awesome.

And yeah, THE FUTURE OF US - just think about that Jenny, what would THE FUTURE OF US look like if you don't choose me?

Hmmmm??? :)

Anonymous said...

I would sell my first born to get my hands on that Brenna Yovanoff book. Unfortunately, I have no first born. (Or any other born). Of course I'd also be pleased to receive any of the others but Brenna Yovanoff is a goddess of the written word so I want her most. Er . . . um . . . her book. Though she is pretty.

SO I'll have to sell my body. It is yours, if you will give me that ARC. I'm sure my husband won't mind, if it's for the sake of a book.

Um, also, my word verification is blutfoo. And I keep thinking "butt flu", and that is very wrong indeed. Just thought you'd like to know.

Also, I am going to tweet now.

Chen Yan Chang said...

Ooh la la, books! I would love me some awesome books!

I especially want Marie Lu's Legend b/c I've heard some awesome things about it and I'm loving dystopian books right now. Plus, I'm Asian and have some Asian pride. I love that Asians are putting out books. Invasion of the Asians. Woo! Don't worry, I'm not some crazy Asian lady.

...Or am I?

And pandas are cute and they are Asian, too. That must mean I'm cute as well. Don't you want books to go to some cuteness?

*munches on some bamboo*

I also want Ally Condie's Crossed because I have Matched and I NEED to find out what happens next! Plus, I did say earlier that I'm loving the dystopian stuff. Don't you remember?

By the way, I tweeted like a bird about the contest. I'm @nodizzies. In case you can't remember, I'm a birdie who doesn't like getting dizzy. Therefore, "no dizzies."

Okay, I should stop now before I say even more awesome things that will blow your mind like dynamite.


Pokadots1121 said...

I want these titles. I WANT them all.(particulary Legend) There are books on that list that I know will become hits. I want to read them before anyone else does and tell everyone how great they are.

Thanks a lot for being this generous and not making this giveaway hard to enter.

Riley Redgate said...

^just popping back in to say HIGH FIVE because I totally have Asian pride too. Well, half-Asian pride, in my case, but still. YYYYEAAAAHH.

Justin Holley said...

Only because I just won two, I don't want to win any of these marvelous things. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna get cheated out of commenting!

And being that I don't want any books, I be thinking that I should get some input on who wins...well, of course I think that. I think lots of shit, right?

So, since Cherie was so sweet, I think she should win. And...and Chen made my fricken head explode by the time I got done reading her post, well, she can win too. And Mindy, she's threatening, I think, not to be your friend anymore, so better give her a damn book too. And Marewolf, she's just plain greedy, which is okay because we live in give the wench two books.

Wait, how many is that? I lost count, but maybe you all'll (you like that grammar, right?) have to wrestle for them :) lol

Justin Holley said...

Wait...wait, I forgot about Greenwoman. I mean, she's green for goodness sake, and offering up her first born. Give her one too before it's too late and she changes her mind!

Mandie Baxter said...

(you are getting very sleepy. Your eye lids are drooping. when you wake up, you will pick @MandieBaxter to win Crossed)

Crossed! Def Crossed! Did I mention Crossed?!

PS...I never squish beetles. I simply shew them away. Points, right? Oh, & I tweeted!

Anonymous said...

Challenge accepted! I will do 87 backflips for Crossed ... but I will do battle for Legenda as well!


Anita said...

Oooh, The Space Between. LOVE it for the cover beauty alone. Yes, I'm very very vain.

So, you were a beetle in your past life and were naughty? Don't naughties usually come back as a lower life form? So, what does that say about us as humans? Hee

Forgive me for that. I'm waxing philosophical because I've been drinking wine. heh

I know I may be to late to enter the drawing, but I still wanted to play, my pony girl!

Jenny Phresh said...

These giveaways are impossible because I want to give ALL of you the books! OK, so just remember, if you didn't win this time, you can always win on the next round. If you stick around long enough eventually you WILL triumph. I have decided to split this giveaway three ways and award two books each to (digging in hat for random numbers):
Chen Yan Chang
I will be tweeting y'all for your addresses today. Rah!

The Rake said...

Hello, rumptuouss Pony! this is Hann.

I do not want books only sinks. Awesome Sinks!

Chen Yan Chang is almost as awesome as awesomeSinks but maybe more funnier.

Awesome Hann! (sinks)

Kelsey said...

Yay! found it! (i just spent 10 minnuets trying to figure out how to post and i've spent all day tring to find how to get crossed)
I started with the matched website witch had a contest that ended on the 18th (4 days ago) I searched other web pages found other contest that had alredy taken place then ate lunch (yummy sandwich) My sister is a very fast reader so she said she could finish matched in half an hour I said she couldn't and if i was right she'll buy crossed for me when it comes out but since I won the bet and considring how bets usualy go for me I'll win the book from you and she won't have to buy it but i think i'd rather have the book early than having the satisfaction of making my sister pay for it. Right now she is still reading it and it's been like 3 hours and she only put it down to eat ice cream (yummmy ice cream) and to climb out the window (she wanted to read outside) I am very thankful for all you have done to bring us wonerful books and i hope you fix your karma. NOW GIVE ME THE BOOK!
you can contact me by email at

Kelsey & Christina said...

I would cause an infraction and kick the leader of the society for Crossed- Christina

I need this book if i cant get it i will throw things at walls! I am thankfull for all you have done to brig us these books and hope you fix your karma contact us at -Kelsey


Angelina C. Hansen said...

To get my own copy of AUDITION would carry you on my back over a steep mountain in a blizzard and kill a mountain lion. Wait. I'm not Katsa. Well, I'd do my best to support you as a fellow writer. But I'll do that anyway. Just because...Now I must go click that follow button. I'm on Twitter@AngelinaCHansen

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Okay, sorry. I missed that 6/22 thing. Stasia tweeted the link this morning and I got so excited I didn't read the fine print. Look forward to reading your blog, all the same.

Heartlessangel said...


JKJKJK ......... But it wouldnt hurt u to give it to me :)

I'm @bubblegothy I WILL TWEET ABOUT IT:D

Heartlessangel said...

Opps I guess I'm a little late sorry :(