Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cooking Class

Velveeta Loaf. One of the finest names in cheeses, and a snap to prepare.
Directions: Unwrap cheese, Insert fork. Display. Feeds: 6 refugees from a war-torn country of your choice.

Meat Plate. Your party will be a smash with this as its centerpiece!
Directions: Arrange raw meat on plate. Admire the beauty of many disparate cattle and piggies, come together in death as they never were in life. Dream of their melodic lowing and oinking as they meet one another within this circular ceramic heaven. Feeds: The Party Pony's meat-loving family.

Grape and Homemade Play-DOH Surprise. This delectable mix will have your guests clamoring for more.
Directions: Ask a parent to split the grapes in half with a knife, as they will present a horrible choking hazard for the unwary.
Smash in Play-DOH and stir vigorously. Feeds: one younger sibling.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yikes! The advent of photos on Party Pony is truly disturbing! I shudder to think what will next show up...didn't you once make a short film called Fecal Urgency? Will Naughty Squirrel make an appearence? Or some damn crow?

Actually, the cheese looks pretty good, and a healthy dose of Mr. Fire could make that pork-'n'-burger plate thing work out...

Timid Diner